Bonney and Sons Pole Puller

Pole Puller Video

Benefits of the Bonney & Sons Pole Puller

· Fast—If conditions are ideal, the entire process including set up, extraction, and pack up can be accomplished in less than 15 minutes.  This drastically increases the number of poles that can be pulled in a day, giving a significant boost to productivity.

· Simple—The pole puller consists of only three pieces: a hydraulic ram, a column, and a slide.  Maintenance is a simple matter of keeping the column and slide greased.  The 3/4” chain easily digs into the keyhole on the slide for ease of use.

· Rugged—The Bonney & Sons Pole Puller is designed to withstand the 20 tons of force its hydraulic ram produces for years of problem free service.

· Versatile—Because of its substantial size and strength, poles can be pulled any time during the year. Whether you’re pulling a pole out of 2 feet of frost in the middle of winter or out of a muddy swamp during the spring.

· Increased Compliance—A major problem with the traditional pullers is the temptation to bypass their usage altogether.  It is much easier for a crew to pull a utility pole with the boom on a digger derrick.  This is against the boom manufacturer’s guidelines and can lead to structural damage.  The Bonney & Sons Pole Puller does all the pulling, leaving the boom on the truck to lift no more than the weight of the pole itself.

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